They met in AmeriCorps...

He helped her learn it was ok to break some rules, and she taught him it was ok to follow some. In their many differences, they found balance in each other. They saw the city of New Orleans from the roof of a hotel in the French Quarter, the Biloxi coastline from the top of an abandoned museum in Mississippi, and watched the sunrise in Bryce Canyon. The only East Coasters of their AmeriCorps crew, they formed an immediate friendship and looked out for each other from day one. Steve made Carrie ovaltine while camping in the freezing Nevada mountains and killed the cockroaches that scoured their Las Vegas apartment. Carrie helped Steve take a deep breath when the team cargo truck was inefficiently packed and collected National Geographic magazines for him so he could cut out all the maps. An amazing, supportive friendship laid the foundation for a fun relationship full of challenges and adventures.

From their early West Coast adventures to their current educational and career pursuits in Boston, they've shared a whirlwind of ups and downs, new experiences, and lots of change over the past several years. They've grown to know and love each other's families, shared good times with each other's friends, and fallen in love many times over.

7 years later, they couldn't be more excited to start this new chapter together. They look forward to helping each other grow and sharing a happy and fulfilling life, and they are grateful to celebrate with the friends and family who have supported and inspired them along the way.



All engagement photos by Jenny Moloney Photography: