We are thrilled to have some of the greatest folks around standing beside us on our wedding day!

The gals...

Maid of Honor:

Melissa "Missy" Tate is my sister. She is brilliant, beautiful, and kind, and the very best big sister. Missy has been a role model for me my entire life. Her passions and talents are plentiful, her fearless commitment to her job is energizing, and her enthusiasm for trying and conquering new things is always impressive. When we were young, I tried to be exactly like Missy and followed her into gymnastics, singing, and other hobbies. Always seemingly in my big sister's shadow, I quickly learned I needed to pursue my own interests and hobbies to keep up with her. We definitely had our share of differences and quarrels as kids, but our similarities always outweighed them. Missy and I had such a fun childhood together, making and starring in ridiculous films (if you haven't seen "Detective Lovejoy and the Case of the Smuggled Toys," you're truly missing out...) and recording radio shows and mixtapes with our neighbors and friends. In more recent years, we drove across the country together, zip-lined and rappelled through the canyons of Costa Rica on a "warrior weekend", and spent a St. Patrick's Day in a packed pub in Cork, Ireland. Missy has always supported me and looked out for my best interest. I remember the day I called her from New Orleans to tell her how much I liked Steve; I was pleasantly surprised to find how excited Missy was to learn about and get to know Steve. From obstacle races, to milkshake quests, to an absurd number of wedding planning research outings, Steve and I LOVE every opportunity we get to take on adventures with Missy. Over the years since Steve and I have been together, some of my very favorite times have been spent with Missy by our side, and the relationship Missy and Steve share means more to me than I can possibly articulate.


Lauren Tate is my sister-in-law. She is the wife of my oldest brother, Chris, and mother of my nephews, Henry (8) and Charlie (4). I've known Lauren since I was in elementary school, when she and my brother went to their junior and senior prom together. As a little girl, I remember squeezing myself in between her and my brother on the couch when she'd come over to our house. She learned to tolerate and embrace my snuggles and overly long hugs early on! As I grew older, I trusted Lauren with my teenage woes during high school and college, looked to her for her opinion and wisdom in my professional pursuits, and watched her build an amazing family with my brother. She's never turned me away for a good hug, isn't afraid to get silly and break into song and dance with me, and has always been there to lend an ear, support me through stressful times or difficult situations, and celebrate my successes. Lauren is a powerhouse of a woman who I greatly admire for her strength, intellect, and dedication to her family, career, and health.

Sharone Tate is my sister-in-law. She is the wife of my brother, Andrew, and mother of my newest nephew, Craig (6 months). Sometime around my junior year of college, I remember sitting at the top of the stairs in my mom's house listening to my brother tell me how smart and beautiful Sharone was (I believe his words were "smokin' hot", to be exact), and watching his face light up, and I knew she must be pretty special. Sharone embraced my family immediately and she quickly became a trusted friend. She is intelligent, honest, patient, and kind, and I have great respect for her dedication to her family, her friends, and her career. Over the years, Sharone has been incredibly supportive of me --  always enthusiastic about my good news, there to lend an ear or a shoulder, and willing to offer a word of advice whenever I need it. Throughout the wedding planning process, Sharone has been a sounding board for all things logistics, etiquette, and of course, fashion! I am so grateful to have Sharone by my side.

Amy Perea is one of my very best friends and favorite people in this world. We lived across the hall from each other our freshman year of college and then together every year after until we graduated. I always have the best time with Amy by my side, and I am so grateful to have her in my life. We’ve enjoyed many adventures over the years, including a sleepless overnight outing into NYC to be the very first in line to see the Rascal Flatts perform on The Today Show (if you missed our close-up debut on NBC, have no fear… it’s been forever preserved on my mother’s TIVO) and a recent two seasons on a co-ed dodgeball team. Amy is one of the most loyal, selfless, honest people I know, and she as an unconditional love for and commitment to her friends. She’s the kind of friend who will drop everything in an instant to be there for you when you need her most. A chemical biologist with a PhD, Amy is also brilliant beyond words and yet refreshingly humble and down-to-earth. She, her husband, Carlos, and her dog, Addie, moved to the Boston area a few years back and I could not be happier to have them so closeby!

Kristen Fraser is another one of my closest friends from college. As neighbors in our freshman dorm, I was energized and inspired by Kristen’s confidence, sense of humor, and wisdom, and we quickly became friends. Anyone who knows her would agree her personality is magnetic – she’ll tear it up on the dance floor and be the life of the party, but she’ll also make time to sit with you, lend an ear, or engage in a healthy debate about her passions or views. She has stood by my side through many ups and downs over the years and has always been a trusted resource and support whenever I’ve needed her. Kristen has an incredible empathy for others, which she’s put to good use through her work as a school psychologist in New York City and now Los Angeles. Newly engaged and recently transplanted to California, I’m excited Kristen is making a cross-country trek to celebrate our wedding day!

Nicole Seletzky is a former AmeriCorps NCCC teammate, an amazing mom to her little Jubilee, and a trusted friend. From the very beginning of my relationship with Steve –then Scuba—Nicole offered her unconditional love and support to us. Throughout AmeriCorps, I trusted Nicole with my hopes, my joys, and my fears. Living in extremely close quarters in a setting that only a fellow NCCC-er can appreciate, we laughed and cried over love and loss, confided in each other, and grew and changed together. She is wise beyond her years, warm and open-minded, and contagiously positive, and her care and concern for others is something I admire greatly. Over the past year, I’ve witnessed Nicole and her husband, Vanya, evolve into amazing, loving parents. I am eternally grateful for the experiences we’ve shared together and am thrilled she and her family live so close to us in Boston.